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How Do I Start Adulting?

Not sure where to begin with adulting? Check out this page to get an adulting 101 overview of resources and information. There are even some freebies to help you out!

what is considered adulting

Adulting Duties

Learn about the main responsibilities that come with adulthood. Topics covered include best tips for adulting, “how to’s” of adulting, and more.

budgeting tips for young adults

Personal Finance

Learn about personal finance as it relates to adulting. Topics discussed include budgeting, credit cards, credit scores, taxes, emergency funds, and more.

Moving Out

Learn about how to move out of your parents’ house and prepare to live on your own. You will find detailed information on how to move to a new city and start your apartment search.


Learn about ways to pay for, survive, and thrive in school. Topics covered touch on financial aid, extracurriculars, class prep, and more.


Learn about working and productivity as it relates to adulting. Topics covered include time management, networking, career planning, and more.

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