5 Reasons Why YNAB Is My Favorite Adulting Tool

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As I transitioned from undergrad to graduate school and then from graduate school to my full-time employment, there was one tool that kept me on track and not falling behind in my finances. That tool is YNAB.

Because of YNAB, I was able to stay out of debt, create a money plan for myself, and start Adulting Starts Here. Using YNAB has single-handedly been my favorite adulting tool to help me successfully transition into adulthood.

Here’s why.

What Is YNAB?

As YNAB says it, You Need A Budget is an “award-winning software and a proven method—that works.”

It is a dedicated budgeting software created to help you get a hold of your money and better manage your spending.

Check out YNAB’s video explaining just what it is and how it works.

So now that you know what YNAB is, let’s dive into why it is my favorite adulting tool!

It Makes Budgeting Easier

YNAB makes budgeting easier because it helps me see where I am spending my money and gives me the data on how I can make my budget better. This is true no matter if I am looking to maintain a spending pattern or spend less.

Additionally, if you are looking to better manage your impulse buying or want to build an emergency fund, YNAB helps manage these goals as well. YNAB makes it easy to create a budget for either pathway as well as improving it.

It Is Very Intuitive

YNAB’s intuitive design is a major reason that this software has become an essential part of my life. It comes in both a mobile and desktop version allowing me to record purchases and see my budget wherever I may be. Additionally, the software intuitively moves money from a category after I record my spending. I can even create customizable goals, add notes, and even flag certain spending patterns.

It Encourages Learning More About Financial Literacy

YNAB offers free workshops and training to help you learn how to properly use the software. Workshops range from learning how to set up your budget to managing credit cards and eliminating debt, with so much more in between.

YNAB also offers video courses for you to take at your own speed. These video courses cover topics like how to get out and stay out of debt, money rules to develop that help stave off stress, and more.

As someone who grew up not learning about money and how to grow it, these videos have been integral to my success so far as an adult.

With YNAB’s help, I avoided debt in both undergrad and graduate school.

Through YNAB, I have control and an understanding of my money patterns. And because of that, I am encouraged to further my understanding of how to use money as a wealth creation tool.

Below is a larger list of just a few of the workshops and videos that YNAB has to offer and yes I have been to almost all of them.

Getting Started on YNAB

Maintaining Your Budget

Managing Credit Cards and Eliminating ebt

Level Up Your Savings

Four Rules For Less Money Stress

How To Get Out Of Debt (And Stay Out!)

Always Updating And Getting Better

YNAB is always working to offer the best software that it can. Just recently as of this writing, YNAB launched a refresh of the software to make it more beginner-friendly and even more intuitive with some updated features.

YNAB also has the best support services. I’ve had a few questions that I could not figure out even with the help of the workshops. So, I emailed my questions directly to the support team and received detailed answers. One of the answers even came with a detailed video of what exactly I needed to do and why.

I mean who still gives good customer service like this nowadays?

It is unbelievable.

It is Family Friendly

YNAB is a budgeting software that can be used for the whole family. Within YNAB you have the ability to budget together with your partner and even add on the younger family members. YNAB is capable of having access to “real-time information, from any device, anytime, making it drop-dead simple to share finances with a partner.”

So, all of this to say. I enjoy YNAB and it is truly the most important adulting tool that I have under my belt. If you are interested in learning more about YNAB or signing up for it, I have a referral code linked here that will give you 34 days free to try it out.

I think it is definitely worth a look! As always I wish you much success on your Adulting Starts Here journey.

Best of luck adulting!

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