4 Tips To Become A Productive Adult In Work And Life

become a productive adult

Ever feel like you are just wasting time even though you work and live life? Or are you seeking a way to reach a new level of development for yourself? Whatever the case know that you can definitely find ways to become a more productive adult.

Time management is key to becoming more productive. Analyze how you currently manage your time. Then strengthen your management capacity by implementing systems and techniques. After that, it is all about remaining consistent and properly relaxing.

But that is just an overview. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Time Management

When it comes to being a productive adult, nothing is more important than your time management skills. We all have the same twenty-four hours in a day. However, when you learn how to master your time management those twenty-four hours might now feel like thirty-six hours.

Put simply, you can get more accomplished in a day.

So, how do you go about improving your time management capabilities?

How Do You Improve Your Time Management Skills?

Begin with understanding how you manage your time now, if at all. What are your major distractions? At what time of the day is it easier to focus? How long are you usually able to focus on a task? In what location do you seem to have the easiest time focusing?

These are all questions that you need to reflect on and answer. Once you have these answers then you can start improving upon your weaknesses and fortifying your strengths.

What Could Be Some Strengths or Weaknesses?

We all have natural strengths of weaknesses in life. As it pertains to time management the same is true. There are eleven aspects that I have found relate to our time management capabilities.

In no particular order they are:

  1. How You Track Your Day
  2. How Well You Plan Your Day
  3. How You Leverage Your Time
  4. How You Use Your Energy
  5. How You Prioritize
  6. How Well You Mitigate Distractions
  7. How Well You Develop Productive Routines
  8. How Soon and Long You Can Enter Deep Immersive Work
  9. How You Rejuvenate and Rest From Work
  10. How Accountable You Are Toward Yourself

Without going into too much detail, these aspects can help you improve your overall time management capabilities. Improving on just a few of them can reap a lot of rewards.

Know that there is no one right way to improve any of these. It is unique to you and how you work. So, of course, seek out time management methods and techniques to try. Do that until you find a few that work well for you and then master them.

I’ve found one such method for myself which I will share later so keep reading!

Create Systems For Productive Success

Systems are instrumental in developing those things important to changing and progressing in our lives. If you want to develop better habits, improve your consistency, and have more diligence in what you do and strive for, consider developing beneficial systems.

Systems are truly necessary if you are looking to create lasting change for yourself and become a productive adult.

Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro Method is a time management system that I use to complete my work. It is a simple highly efficient method that has helped me tackle tasks ranging from work, school, and Adulting Starts Here.

How does The Pomodoro Method Work?

Simply put the Pomodoro Method makes use of short work sprints lasting 25 minutes. After the 25-minute interval concludes, you then take a 5-minute break. Repeat this 3 more times and at the conclusion of the 4th 25-minute interval, you take a longer break ranging from 15-30 minutes.

Completing four 25-minute sessions equals one Pomodoro or about two and a half hours depending on how long your breaks turn out to be. Right now, I have the goal of working up to completing two Pomodoros back to back.

It sounds a lot easier than it is. Trust me. Minimizing distractions and actually getting back to work when the rest breaks are complete are tough.

So it is also smart to complete your sessions in a quiet and relatively low activity area. I have been completing my Pomodors in my home, but now I am going to start trying to go to local libraries and coffee shops to switch up my environments.

Step 1Determine The Task
Step 2Set A 25-Minute Timer
Step 3Work On Your Task Until The Time Is Up
Step 4Take A 5 Minute Break
Step 5At The End Of The 4th Pomodoro, Take A 15 – 30 Minute Break
The Pomodoro Method in 5 Easy Steps

Why Do The Pomodoro Method?

The Pomodoro Method helps you tackle your tasks while instilling breaks and promoting a structure. Even when you don’t feel like being productive if you follow the Pomodoro Method you have no choice but to become a productive adult.

Remember To Have Fun

All work and no play make for a horrible life. It is also not motivating in the slightest. If you don’t take time to relax and have fun you will lose motivation to do the harder things in life.

So remember to make time to have fun.

Whether you enjoy going out with friends or going solo to a movie, do what helps feel rejuvenated so you can be productive tomorrow.

If interested, I have written an article talking about ways to spend your time after work. I also have an article linked here that details some affordable ways to have fun as a new adult.

Be Consistent

At the end of the day, your success ultimately depends on you. Your work ethic and dedication will determine your long-term productive ability. Therefore, it is essential that you practice dedication and consistency in your work and life with whatever you set out to accomplish.

You can do it. You just have to show up and do it.

Where do you start?

Start simple. Just make an effort to regularly work on those needed tasks. You can

Being consistent is often the catalyst to achieving the success that we seek. Make it your catalyst and enhance your productivity in work and life.

What are your thoughts? Do you think you can use these to become a productive adult? Share in the comments below!

Best of luck adulting!

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