Ways to Stay Motivated on Your Adulting Journey

your adulting journey

As you start adulting, it can be hard to stay motivated during your adulting journey. You may feel like you’re not doing well, or that you’re behind. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. It can be hard to keep up with all the changes and new challenges that come with growing older.

But don’t give up! Here are some tips to help you stay motivated on your adulting journey.

1. Find the bright side of things.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negatives, but focusing on the positives can help give you motivation and energy. So what if your clothes don’t fit as well as they used to? You’re still looking great, and you have good fashion sense too!

Focus on being positive and happy about your achievements, no matter how small they are. Practice self-love every day by reminding yourself of all the great things that you have going for you–whether it’s your perfect credit score, aced a class, or a great job.

Feel happy for what you have accomplished so far, and allow yourself to be proud of yourself for the things you’ve achieved so far.

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2. Shift your mindset from an abundance mindset to a gratitude mindset.

Many young people think they’ll get everything they want when they get older, but things change when you’re an adult.

So instead of worrying about all the things that you don’t have yet, focus on what you have now. When you wake up in the morning, be thankful that you have the opportunity to wake up and do whatever you want today. When you’re feeling down about your adulting journey, take a few minutes to write out all the things that are going well in your life.

These things may include your job, your home, or your partner. Once you’ve list everything, start to focus on the things that are truly important to you. You can always work towards getting more of what you want–but for now, it’s important to be content with what you already have.

When you shift your perspective from trying to get more to being thankful for what you already have, you’ll be able to continue on your journey much more easily.

3. Keep improving and keep practicing.

The best way to stay motivated is to learn something new each day. Whether you’re learning how to cook a new dish, working on your finances, or studying for an exam, there’s always something to be gained by continuing to improve your skills.

If you find yourself feeling discouraged or bored with your adulting journey, take a few minutes to read about some of the more common struggles that adults face. Chances are that a lot of people have been where you are right now and found a way to make it better–either by themselves or by asking for help from others.

By reading about others’ successes and their failures, you may gain some valuable insights into your own situation–helping you to figure out which path you want to take next. And if you feel like you’re all alone in your struggles, you can always turn to a trusted friend for advice and encouragement as well.

4. Recognize how far you’ve come in your adulting journey.

In order to keep moving forward, you need to recognize that progress is made every day.

This was kind of alluded to earlier and that is for a reason. Recognizing your growth is extremely important to staying motivated on your adulting journey.

You may have started out with college applications, internships and job interviews when you first started thinking about “adulting”, and now you’re a few years into your adulthood and you’re at a point where you’re comfortable in your daily life and you have a good grasp on where you want to go in life.

Or not! Perhaps you still haven’t gotten a job or even decided on a major yet?

That’s ok too!

There’s no wrong way to approach your journey as an adult, and the important thing is to recognize the growth that you have been able to achieve.

No matter how small the step might be, you can always recognize those small steps of growth no matter where you are on the timeline of your life.

5. Find the laughter in everyday life.

This definitely sounds cringe but stick with me!

We all go through difficult moments in our lives. We may have rough weeks at work or get bad news from the doctor, but no matter how difficult life gets, there’s one thing that can make it all better: humor.

Finding laughter in everyday situations is a great way to deal with stress and help you feel less overwhelmed by whatever is thrown at you.

If you make a point of incorporating more humor and laughing more often in your life, you’ll find that you’re able to manage your emotions and stress much more efficiently.

This doesn’t mean that you have to like everything or that everything needs to be funny–just try to find the humor in your everyday life and don’t take things too seriously!

I want to hear your thoughts. What are some good tips on staying motivated on your adulting journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Best of luck adulting!

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