When Do I Start Adulting?

when do i start adulting

Wondering when is the appropriate time to start adulting? Some people say you can start as early as 18, while others say it’s not until you’re 22 or 25.

There’s no right answer, but there are things that come with adulthood – like paying bills, buying a home, and finding a job. Let’s get into the details below!

When you first hit adulthood, your whole world seems to change overnight. You’re no longer a little kid playing in a sandbox — you’re an adult who’s responsible for making your own decisions.

Though the transition from childhood to adulthood seems daunting at first, the truth is that there are several things that come with this “new” phase of life.

What Does Adulting at 18 Look Like?

At 18, adulting might not look too different from what you are already used to doing. You may still be living at home, and you’ll still be going to school and/or college. Maybe you’ll also be working full time alongside attending school and/or college.

The main difference is that you are now considered a legal adult in the eyes of the law. This is a good thing because it means you can start making decisions on your own.

Many people who have graduated high school feel a sense of freedom and accomplishment as they reach 18 years old. Of course, though you may feel differently about adulthood after you’ve lived a few years longer. Being a legal adult does come with perks that offer some consolation for the difficulties of adulting.

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Another important thing that comes with being a legal adult is you’ll be required to pay taxes and rent. As you get older, you’ll find that more responsibilities fall to you.

What Does Adulting Look Like at 22?

At 22, you’ll probably have your own apartment and may even be considering starting a career. If you’ve started your own career, you may have adjusted to a new lifestyle with less time for family and friends and more time at the office.

If you’re in school, you may be experiencing a shift in study habits from college to graduate school (and perhaps an appreciation for sleep!).

In either case, it’s important to keep your priorities straight and make sure you’re getting a good work/life balance. It’s also important to make sure that you don’t get so caught up in your work that you neglect your other responsibilities, such as spending time with your friends and family, exercising regularly, or eating healthily.

What Does Adulting Look Like at 25?

Now that you’ve been out of school for a few years and have your own place, you may be thinking about starting a family. You may be happy to find a partner and start planning your future together.

You also may be looking for new opportunities to advance your career. No matter what you do, it’s important to stay positive and stay productive. Find a way to balance your personal and professional lives so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and meet your goals for the future.

Remember that there is never a perfect time to have a baby; you just need to take things as they come. Kids are very expensive. Try to relax and enjoy the ride as you begin your new adventure as a family.

What Changes Can I Expect When I Start Adulting?

New Home

When you begin adult life you are most likely to move out of your parent’s house and go to a living space of your own whether that is an apartment, condo, or even a house with roommates.

Your parents will probably still be around and depending on where you live they may only live a few blocks away but for most of your adult life, they are most likely not going to be living with you in the house.

This is the time for you to make your living arrangements and start your own life as an adult. You will then have to take care of your living situation on your own from food shopping to utility bills and everything in between.

This is a big step in your adulting journey and one that you have probably had to plan for since you were a small child. You no longer have your mom asking you to do the dishes anymore so now you have to do them yourself along with your share of the household chores and now you have less help from your parents.

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Career Life

Your job is also going to probably change. Once you get a full-time job you will be required to work more hours and have less time for the things you enjoy like hanging out with friends, spending time with family, going to the movies, or going on vacation.

Now, this does not have to always be the case, at least not for the rest of your life. You can have a normal work schedule and still do the things you love to do as long as you manage your time and learn to say no sometimes. Early on, though, you will be the newcomer and likely given the more menial, time-consuming tasks.

These may not be the most fun, but they are necessary for your survival on the job. Eventually, you can work your way up and get in the groove of things with your co-workers and no longer have to do those time-consuming tasks.

Romantic Relationships

Now depending on your priorities, getting married is another huge milestone for many people when they get a few years into adulthood. While it’s possible to get married at any age, many couples decide to wait until they’re in their mid-twenties or older before tying the knot. And that’s okay!

There are no set rules for getting married, so it’s completely up to you to decide when you’re ready to take the plunge. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself and be happy with the decisions you make!

Personal Relationships

Lastly, you can expect that your relationships with friends will change. Adulthood can mark the first time you have to face the fact that many of your old friends are starting to settle down with boyfriends/girlfriends and move away to pursue their careers and other personal endeavors.

You are no longer on a college campus. You are more spread out. Planning calls will take consistent effort. People will cancel. And ultimately managing these relationships will become tough. However, you’ll eventually get used to the balancing act with your old friends and make new friends along the way!

Deciding on when do I start adulting is an interesting question to consider. Let me know your thoughts below!

Best of luck adulting!

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